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Printing tags with barcodes that scan successfully
Print a page of test tags and look carefully at the barcodes.  The barcode will not scan successfully if the barcode is dark and the lines are not distinct but bleed into each other.  A good barcode will have crisp lines with visible space between the lines.

Since printers vary you will need to experiment with your printer settings for the best results.  It is possible that you will get better results with draft or normal mode instead of best quality mode.  Low ink supply might also affect quality in some printers.

Most sales require that you print tags on white cardstock.  Darker colored paper makes scanning difficult or impossible.

Some sales will be happy to test scan your barcodes if you send them a sample page prior to the sale.  Some sales will reject items with tags that are not properly prepared!


This barcode is dark and lines bleed together.  It will not scan successfully


This barcode has crisp lines with visible spaces between the lines.  It will probably scan successfully.

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